About Us

Protect-Alert manufactures Wireless Emergency Call Systems for Assisted Living, Independent Living, & Continuing Care Retirement Communities. We can provide coverage for just selected areas, or we can provide Campus-Wide Coverage, up to several square miles. We do this without the use of in-building wiring, telephone lines, or repeaters.


Being a Completely Wireless System, the installation is quick & easy, and is suitable for all sizes & types of communities.


Alerts are normally sent to On-Site Alphanumeric Staff Pagers. However, Alerts can also be sent to Wide-Area Pagers, Cell Phones, Tablets, E-mail, LED Sign Boards, and other devices.


Our systems include proprietary Monitoring Software with extensive management report capabilities. All response times are recorded for later review.


We have the most complete selection of Wireless Devices, including: Pendant Transmitters, Wrist-Style Transmitters, Pull-Cord Stations, Push-Button Stations, Plunger-Cord Stations, Bed-Pad Transmitters, Chair-Pad Transmitters, Incontinent-Pad Transmitters, Smoke Detectors, Smoke-Detector Monitors, Window/Door Transmitters, Universal Transmitters, & Motion Detectors. We even have Door Transmitters that require a staff member to go to the door to acknowledge the Alert.


Our Pull-Cord Stations have an optional "Check-In" Button that can be used for Resident Daily Check-In, or for logging Staff Bed Checks. We also have Automated Resident Check-In that does not require any action by the residents, other than their normal activity.


Because our system was designed from the ground up to be used as an Emergency Call System, we are able to customize the system to whatever the community needs or wants. Other companies' systems use transmitters that were designed to be used with a burglar alarm, so they are restricted by the functionality of the transmitters. However, we have total control over what our transmitters do, and how they do it.


We have so much faith in our products that we provide a Five-Year Warranty with every system. Other companies provide a one-year warranty, and then sell you an expensive annual service contract.


Some companies actually "discontinue" their systems on a planned schedule. They then stop providing replacement parts & other support. This leaves their customers "up a creek without a paddle." Of course, they do offer to sell you a new system "at a discount."


Protect-Alert provides support for every system we have ever sold, regardless of age. We provide Pendant Transmitters, Pull-Cord Stations, & other Transmitter Devices for systems that are over 20 years old. We do not believe in "forcing" a customer to buy a new system. We even provide a full line of Transmitter Devices; including Pendants (PETs), Pull-Cord Stations, Push-Button Stations, Door Transmitters, Staff Pagers, etc.; for the former Care Technologies Community Care systems that were discontinued by Philips-Lifeline.

Of course, we were never associated with Care Technologies or Phillips-Lifeline in any way. However, because there were hundreds of communities around the country that could no longer get devices for their emergency call systems, we decided to manufacture a full line of transmitter devices that are fully compatible with those systems.