Leading The Way – Since 1989


Long before most other wireless call systems were even a dream, PROTECT-ALERT Emergency Call Systems was leading the way in advanced technology. Back in 1989, we developed the concept of providing campus-wide coverage without the use of telephone lines or in-building wiring. While we long ago perfected this concept, others are still trying to figure it out. Some systems still use telephone lines; some still use in-building wiring; and some use repeaters. But only PROTECT-ALERT has been able to design a system that can cover any size campus without using any of these outdated methods. Our international team of experts continues to develop cutting-edge technologies to constantly improve the system while providing the new features you want and need.

The Most Complete Selection
of Wireless Devices
  • Pendant Transmitters
  • Wrist-Style Transmitters
  • Pull-Cord Stations
  • Push-Button Stations
  • Plunger-Cord Stations
  • Bed-Pad Stations
  • Chair-Pad Stations
  • Incontinent-Pad Stations
  • Motion Detectors
  • Smoke Detectors
  • Smoke Detector Monitors
  • Window Transmitters
  • Door Transmitters
  • Door Transmitters Requiring Staff Response
  • Universal Transmitters
  • Manual & Automated Daily Resident Check-In

Suited For All Sizes

and Types of Campuses


From Low-Rise Buildings

To High-Rise Buildings


From Single Buildings

To Sprawling Campuses


From Existing Buildings

To New Construction


From Wood Construction

To Steel & Concrete Construction

The Completely Wireless Solution

  • Suited for All Sizes & Types of Campuses
  • Quick and Easy Installation
  • Not Dependent on Telephone or Electrical Lines
  • Shows Who Needs Help & Where
  • Alerts Go To Staff’s Alphanumeric On-Site Pagers
  • Alerts Can Also Go To Wide-Area Pagers, Cell Phones, Tablets, E-Mail, LED Sign Boards
  • Community-Wide Coverage − Up To Several Square Miles
  • Proprietary Monitoring Software with Extensive Management Reports
  • Permanent Record of All Activity
  • Tracks Staff Response Times
  • Most Complete Selection of Transmitters
  • No Pendant Battery Replacements
  • Optional Automated Resident Check-In